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Joining a Webinar

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Thank you for registering for a LibraryLinkNJ webinar! 


You can connect to your webinar with the link provided in the email you received after registration.  Sign in as a guest with your first and last name.


Before the webinar:


We are using a webinar software package called Adobe Connect  We think you’ll find it easy to use, but please do read this Visual Quick Start Guide It is important that you complete the first step in this document, testing your computer, prior to your webinar.


You do not need to request access to this wiki to join a webinar - just follow the link in the email you receive approximately one week before the webinar.


You can also watch this short video demonstrating webinar participation.




We will be using the Voice-over IP (VoIP) option for audio, so you do not need to use a telephone.  There is no phone # to call.  Your computer will need speakers, either built-in or external, for you to hear the presentation.  Some presenters will allow participant voice chat, which requires a microphone (stand-alone or as part of a headset), but your use of this is optional.  You can always use the text chat feature to ask questions.


Technical Assistance


If you need technical assistance before or during the webinar, please take a look at the suggestions on the second page of the product overview.  You can also check the troubleshooting links.   


Multiple Staff Members on the Same Computer


If you are not the first person to use Adobe Connect on a computer, the software may automatically log you in as the previous person.  Connect Pro stores a cookie on your computer to remember users; you may need to remove this cookie to sign in as yourself. 


Below are instructions for removing cookies in popular browsers.  In Internet Explorer, you must remove all of our cookies, but in Firefox, you can remove the Adobe Connect cookie only, which is called adobeconnect.com.


Remove cookie in Internet Explorer


Remove cookie in Firefox






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